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I am a programmer/musician.


Find my music (mostly video game transcriptions) on and GitHub. On GitHub, I have a script that automatically converts them into various file formats (including MP3, MIDI, PDF, and MusicXML). It will even automatically flip the MIDI files using my version of midiflip

Software on my computer

A list of software on my computer.

Minetest mods

Better Randomizer

GitHub, ContentDB

A Minetest mod that randomizes node drops, entity drops, and crafting recipes. Saves randomness, can be toggled on/off

Minecraft Commands (WIP)


A mod that adds Minecraft commands (such as /execute as @e at @s run me is closest to @e[sort=nearest,limit=1,distance=.1..]). Obviously, there are some differences, but I'm doing my best to make it as similar as possible.


GitHub, ContentDB A library mod that adds a data type for arbitrary precision integers.


GitHub, Wiki, ContentDB

A fork of Element Exchange (based on Equivalent Exchange/ProjectE) with bugfixes, better energy values, MineClone2/Mineclonia support, and tons of new features such as Dark Matter, Red Matter, and tools that can be made with them. About 95% of the code is mine at this point. Basically, it adds an energy value for most items (including items from "Why?"), and the ability to convert things into energy and energy into other things. For instance, 8 iron/steel ingots (256 energy) can be converted into 1 gold ingot (2048 energy), which can be converted into 2048 cobblestone (1 energy). It also adds a lot of other things.


GitHub, ContentDB

Adds a portable crafting table, portable ender chest (although it requires a minor change to MineClone's code), and portable enchanting table to MineClone.


GitHub, ContentDB

A mod for MineClone that adds crafting recipes for spawners and spawn eggs.

Too Many Aliases

GitHub, ContentDB

A MineClone2 mod that adds tons of aliases that make itemstrings match MineCraft as much as possible.


GitHub, ContentDB

A modpack that adds a whole bunch of completely random things to MineClone/Minetest Game. Some are useful, others are solely for annoying people, and some are completely useless. Not all features are available in Minetest Game.

Random programming projects



A Python/Tkinter program that counts down the time until user-specified events, with the ability to make custom themes. It requires Python 3 on a Windows computer (although using it on other OS's shouldn't take much modification), and several Python modules that should automatically be installed. It saves either to a JSON file or to a Home Assistant server via the REST API. It uses my Python script ( which has several functions that make the Home Assistant REST API relatively easy to use.

GitHub Pages


The "code" for this site (if you can really call HTML/Markdown code).


GitHub, Demo

A program to flip MIDI files (high notes become low notes, low notes become high notes). This is a fork of 1j01's original version, and all it adds is the ability to remap pitches to the closest octave to their original range. I use it to automatically flip all of my MuseScore scores.

Tengwar Transcriber

GitHub, Demo

A program that converts English into Lord of the Rings Elvish Tengwar. I'm unlikely to finish it, especially since Tecendil already exists.



Themes for a couple of websites.